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AIAS RWU 2012 Spring Quad Design Charrette

The Concept:
The concept behind the AIAS RWU Design Charrette is to create an educational experience that activates social change while encouraging cross-institutional experiences.

The Process:
The charrette lasts one day, 8 hours, and is done at the participating chapters own school. Each Chapter can create more than one team. All files are downloaded and submitted digitally and are due by the end of the day. Once the designs are submitted, a jury will choose the top three submissions.

The Spring 2012 AIAS RWU Quad Design Charrette is a nation wide completion. The charrette will be held on Saturday, April 14th 2012. Chapters can sign their teams up at the AIAS RWU website to show that they have an interest in this charrette. The teams will be notified when they are able to register their teams.

The Details:

  • The Charrette will be held on Saturday, April 14th 2012.
  • It will begin at 10:00 am EST. Your team will be able to download all of the information needed at this time. This information will be posted on the AIAS RWU website.
  • After finishing the design, your team will have to format all of the images to be presented on one 24”x36” board. Each team must use the template provided. After the presentation boards are finalized, they will be digitally submitted as a .jpg or .pdf. no later than 6 pm EST. Further information will be provided.
  • All submitted presentations will be displayed on the AIAS RWU website and at AIAS Grassroots 2012. So please layout your presentations with thought and care.

If there is any questions, information or material that would like to be asked or obtained, please to not hesitate to contact Matthew Jordan Gins at .


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