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AIAS Crit Editor Position Available!

One of the greatest benefits that the AIAS offers our members is Crit, Journal of the AIAS.  This journal is a great way in which to allow our members to present their opinions, vision, and practice to their peers and to the greater architectural community.  Crit is published twice a year, generally runs 64-74 pages in length, and is distributed to around 7000 members, firms, libraries and partners, around the world.

While any member has the opportunity to write for Crit, the AIAS team needs a special person to lead the preparation, editing and layout of each issue.  This person is responsible for soliciting content from members, writing some of it themselves, editing it all to ensure the highest quality of publication, and working with our designer to lay out each issue around a central theme.

That person is the Crit editor, and that person could be YOU!

The Crit editor position is open to any AIAS student member and is appointed by the AIAS CEO with the approval of the AIAS Board of Directors.  Specifics about the position include:

  • This is a one year appointment and will run for 2 issues:  #74 in the Fall of 2012 & #75 in the Spring of 2013.
  • The editor is primarily responsible for sourcing and editing all of the content for each issue of Crit.
  • The editor works with the designer to provide a layout of the magazine.
  • The editor reviews and edits the design as appropriate.
  • the editor have a “Letter From the Editor” section in which they may take up to 2 pages to write an opinion based column that is topical and appropriate to the issue.
  • The editor works with the AIAS CEO to include additional content and advertising as appropriate to the issue.
  • The editor is requested to write a brief report for each of the 4 AIAS Board meetings.
  • The editor are offered a complimentary registration to AIAS FORUM and Grassroots, and may be eligible for travel funds from the organization, if available.
  • The editor position offers a stipend of $1500 per issue to offset the time and expenses that he/she may incur.
  • The editor reports to and is responsible to the AIAS CEO.
  • The editor position is not a contract position and is considered employment at will as an outside consultant.

    To apply for the Crit editor position, please send the following in an email to  on or before July 2, 2012.

    • A brief statement of your intention to become the editor, including your reason for applying.
    • A resume
    • A summarized copy of your portfolio (3-5 pieces are acceptable, your full portfolio is acceptable if readily available.)
    • A writing sample
    • A summary of your work with the AIAS

    Please apply for this position if you are interested, all applications will be reviewed and are welcome.
    Requirements to be considered:

    • You must be an AIAS member at the time of your application
    • You must provide the required documents
    • You must be eligible to work within the United States or willing to forego compensation
    • You must be in your 3rd year or further along in your education
    • Preference will be given to AIAS member who have held leadership positions
    • Preference will be given to applicants who have written for Crit in the past

    Even if you are not selected, your information will be considered and kept on file for future opportunities.
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