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Chapter Leader of the Month (December): Liz Weintraub

Liz Weintraub is currently in her fifth year of the Bachelors of Architecture Program at NYIT’s Old Westbury Campus.  Growing up she has always been interested in the arts.  She studied musical theater and dance as a child.  As she got older she was more interested in the fine arts and studied areas such as drawing from life, graphic design, and art history.  However, architecture and space making was something that Liz was always interested in pursuing, and she knew before high school.  She entered architecture school right after graduating high school and fell in love with the program immediately.

Liz has been an active member of AIAS since her freshman year because she is amazed by how much students can accomplish on both a chapter and national level.  She loves meeting members from across the country because they share the same passion for learning, serving, and advancing the field and education of architecture.  Liz held leadership positions within her chapter since her second year.  She is currently in her second term as Chapter President and sits on the national Membership Committee.  She is also currently working with Vice President Jennifer Taylor on the ACSA’s New Faculty Award Jury.  She even participated in a NAAB Visit last spring.  Liz wants to become a teacher, so being able to participate on these juries really meant a lot to her.

Within her own chapter, Liz co-founded NYIT Old Westbury’s AIAS Freedom by Design Program.  She also radically changed the structure of her chapter and created a relationship with the local AIA Chapter.  She even co-founded Operation Resilient Long Island (ORLI), a committee between both NYIT’s AIAS Chapters, whose mission is to raise awareness for resilient design after Superstorm Sandy devastated much of NYIT’s student body.  She is excited that both NYIT Chapters are receiving the AIAS Community Service Honor Award this year for the work done through ORLI.  On top of all of this Liz sits on faculty committees, was a teacher’s assistant, and is always willing to help out anyone in school.  Liz has dedicated herself to learning and serving the field and education of architecture.

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