March 30, 2020

March of 2020 was a rollercoaster. Students across the world were abruptly shifted into new ways of learning and living, and there is still no guarantee that tomorrow will remotely resemble yesterday. One of the few constants during this time of instability was our Advocacy Month and the posts shared by our National Advocacy Task Forces. 

A huge thanks goes out to the Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force, the Equity and Diversity Task Force, and the Health and Wellness Task Force who curated content and rallied engagement for 31 straight days. We reached hundreds of viewers and helped share all the ways that young people can begin to practice their advocacy, even while in a quarantine! 

Did you see all 31 Days and Ways of Advocacy? Check out the @aias_advocacy Instagram page and be sure to like your favorite tips! Share the ideas with your friends and challenge each other to practice Advocacy when and where it counts. Here are some of the most popular posts: