Each month, the AIAS highlights the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.



The AIAS depends on members and leaders like Paco at UNLV. In the words of UNLV President and future West Quad Director, Tristan Osorio, “Paco is a fantastic example as to what a student leader can be and what they should be.”

Heraclio Rubio-Guerrero, though many know him as Paco, is the current Events Coordinator for the AIAS Chapter at the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he is a fourth-year student in the School of Architecture. Paco has been involved in AIAS since his sophomore year.

Paco spoke about why he joined the leadership team at his chapter. “Throughout my years in college, I have always worked one or two jobs while going to school and so I felt like I was missing out on being a part of my school. With an interest in being more involved with my school and taking part in social events, I joined as the events coordinator.”

Over the last school year, Paco has coordinated events such as slide slams, coffee with architects, Halloween pumpkin carving, firm crawls, site visits, and community projects such as the Skoolie Project UNLV has taken on. Paco has as served as a mentor and reviewer for younger students at UNLV, giving his time to prepare the next generation of architecture students.

Paco’s nominator, Tristan, had some very kind words to say about the impact he has had on their chapter: “Paco has gone above and beyond his duties as Events Coordinator throughout his entire term here at UNLV, and has grown both as a designer and a leader. He has helped push the Chapter forward, helped bring in a new generation of AIAS members, and helped define what AIAS membership value is. Paco’s ability to create events is impressive, but he is also a charismatic speaker. This is such an important characteristic that makes our membership involvement as high as it is. Paco can easily charm a whole room and people genuinely listen when he speaks. He understands how to announce information in a manner that conveys the importance of these various events, while still being extremely personable and genuine.”

These skills, passion, and selflessness combine to make an extraordinary leader- and person- that will make a difference in the world, At the deepest level, that is what AIAS is.

In reflecting on his time with AIAS, Paco said, “It has been a great experience being part of AIAS. I love working with my board and having that interaction with the students at our school. It is an amazing way to network with professionals and being able to provide such opportunities for the students is incredible.” YOU Paco, are incredible. Thank you for serving and leading the members of the AIAS.


“Majestic Blue” captures Paco’s style as a leader- charismatic, influential, and caring. We will always need leaders like Paco, looking to create opportunities for those around him.


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