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Architectural Equity Panel

Host Chapter New York Institute of Technology - Long Island & Manhattan Description: We're host an architectural equity panel to learn more about how advocacy plays into architectural practice and get an idea of the different issues important to architects working towards change. 7pm EDT Speakers: Joshua Broadway, BlackSpace Lori A. Brown, Director of Diversity,... Read more »

April Coffee with the Council of Global Representatives

Do you have a travel bucket list of destinations? Have travel experiences to share with others who may want to visit where you've gone or where you currently live? Join us on April 17th at 12pm EDT to share your ideal travel destination & bucket list on the Coffee w/ the Council Call! We will... Read more »


Webinar Description:  Meet the women who are changing the game in the world of design and architecture. You will hear about what they are passionate about in design, what they are doing now in their careers, and everything in between. Join the AIAS for this panel discussion and learn more about these powerful women’s experiences... Read more »

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