AIAS Branding Standards
The AIAS has branding standards that all chapters should follow, with room for additional design of course! This guide includes the AIAS colors, logo, and fonts. 

  • Keep in mind that the AIAS logo is non-negotiable! Please use the most updated version of the logo that is noted in the guide, and have fun with additional colors or graphics. 
  • Download the guide as a PDF and open it in Illustrator 
  • Or access the PNG’s in the Council of President’s Drive using your email address

AIAS 101 Presentation PDF & Google Slides
Feel free to use this presentation to get your chapter familiar with the inner workings of the AIAS! This presentation includes the organization’s mission and vision, as well as benefits, opportunities, resources, and introduces the national team.

Chapter Health Slidedeck
The slide deck goes over all the internal information your chapter should know, including Chapter Good Standing, Chapter Dues, and potential programming.

So You’re the Treasurer Guide
The Finance Committee has spent time compiling and summarizing some of the things an AIAS Chapter Treasurer is likely to encounter. Among them are things like chapter bank accounts, fundraising, budgeting for events, and much more!

Benefits Page
The first question prospective members will ask you is “What’s in it for me?” Get familiar with the benefits, opportunities, and resources available to members so you can encourage students to join and grow your chapter!


Good to Have

Model Chapter Bylaws

Use this resource to develop guidelines and rules for how to run your chapter! Bylaws help with continuity and transitioning leadership from year to year by outlining policies and procedures. 

Chapter Request & Proposal Templates
Participating in and hosting AIAS events requires advocacy to your administration, school, employers, external organizations, and businesses. Here are some examples of chapter leaders communicating and making asks of these different entities. 

Chapter Leadership Advice
The guide goes over the roles and responsibilities of a chapter board along with tips and tricks for chapter leadership.

Video Guidelines
The guide provides tactical advice for setting up, shooting, and editing your videos for a better end product and more engagement.

Membership Toolbox
The Membership Toolbox has pro tips and detailed information on membership and growth.

Freedom By Design Manual
Through this interactive manual, students can engage with their peers to address the best methods to serve their communities and expand the possibilities of their approach to service. The goal is inclusive design that takes everyone into consideration and allows for the best use of space.

Leadership Day 2022 Recap
Leadership Day is the day that we spend time learning about all things AIAS, including how to run a chapter, how to become involved nationally in the AIAS and partnered organizations, the AIAS’s roles within your school, and more! The recap has all the session recordings and presentations.


For any questions or additional thoughts please email