July 13, 2017

Washington, DC – July 13, 2017 – The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) congratulates the winners of the 2017 AIAS Honor Awards. Each year the AIAS honors individuals and groups for their exemplary work in areas such as leadership, collaboration, scholarship and service.

“This year, there was an astounding amount of robust and diverse submissions, showcasing the best of leadership, design and service among our chapters and members. Our selection process accounted for those that went above and beyond to empower voices, ideas, and actions for the future,” said said 2016-2017 AIAS National Vice President Rachel Law. “The AIAS is a collective of passionate leaders, talented designers, and invested citizens. These awards represent our utmost gratitude to the leaders who embody our mission and vision to their fullest potential.”

This year the jury also awarded a new honor of Outstanding AIA Component. “The addition of the Outstanding AIA Component Honor Award came about as an encouragement to chapters to create and foster better relationships with their local AIA components,” said Law. “As a prime example, AIA Memphis has been exceptional in proactively engaging with AIAS at the University of Memphis in mentorship and community service. As such, we are happy to recognize Executive Director Heather Koury and AIA Memphis for their continued work in encouraging the future of the profession.”

The AIAS Honor Awards were developed to publicly recognize outstanding achievements by students, educators, and practitioners who have exhibited an exemplary commitment to the education and development of architecture students.

The 2017 Award Winners this year are:

Chapter Honor Award

  • University of Nevada – Las Vegas
  • Honorable Mention – Ryerson University

Chapter President Honor Award

  • Caroline Barrick, AIAS, Syracuse University
  • Honorable Mention –Dominic Armendariz, AIAS, University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Educator Honor Award

  • Michael Kothke, AIA, University of Arizona

5th Year Design Excellence Honor Award

  • Maria Hurtado, AIAS, Pennsylvania State University

4th Year Design Excellence Honor Award

  • Earl (Randy) Crandon, AIAS, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Honorable Mention: Holly-Lynn Tedder, AIAS, University of Memphis

3rd Year Design Excellence Honor Award

  • Rafael Armendariz, AIAS, University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Graduate Student Research Honor Award

  • Chris Daemmrich, AIAS, Tulane University

Emerging Professional Honor Award

  • Alex Alaimo, AIA

Freedom by Design Program Honor Award

  • North Carolina State University

Freedom by Design Project Honor Award

  • University of Minnesota, Karner Blue Project

Outstanding AIA Component Honor Award

  • Heather Koury, Hon. AIA and AIA Memphis

The AIAS is thrilled to add these individuals and chapters to the long list of exemplary members of the organization. Join us in congratulating them and their hard work during a special Honor Awards ceremony at AIAS FORUM 2017 in Austin, Texas on December 29, 2017. Further details to come.

Additionally, the AIAS would like to thank our AIAS Honor Award Jury members for their passion and volunteering their time to review the list of exceptional candidates in each category. They included:

  • Jury Chair Rachel Law, AIAS, Assoc. AIA | 2017-2018 AIAS Vice President
  • Rachel Minnery, FAIA LEEDap | American Institute of Architects
  • Robert S. Livesey, FAIA | Ohio State University
  • Joel Pominville, Assoc. AIA, AIAS 2015-2016 Vice President | AIA New Orleans + the New Orleans Architecture Foundation
  • Michael Jewett, AIAS |  University of Hartford
  • Kelsey Kauffman, AIAS | Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Jason Hanna | Corgan
  • Cameron Kayne, AIAS | Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Elizabeth Seidel, AIAS, 2016-2017 AIAS West Quad Director, 2017-2018 AIAS Vice President | Montana State University


About the AIAS

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