November 16, 2022

The Council of Treasurers was started to create a supportive and open dialogue about the oftentimes confusing world of chapter finances, all chapter treasures have access to this group via slack and optional meet-ups! Continuing with this group, we hosted the first CoT of the academic year earlier this month. During the meeting Committee Member Lauren Maloney and Board Liasion Ethan Sandburg presented tips and tricks to finance. Check out the resources mentioned during the meeting:

If you haven’t already attended a Council of Treasurers with Finance Committee, stay tuned for Spring 2023. We are looking forward to meeting with all members of the AIAS Community!

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to reach out to the committee at!


Chair: Nicole Bass, AIAS, NOMA, Assoc. AIA | 2022-2023 AIAS Vice President
Board Liaison: Ethan Sandburg, AIAS | 2022-2023 AIAS Midwest Quad Director
Staff Liaison: Larry H. Hoffer | Executive Director

Shannon DeFranza, AIAS, NOMA, Assoc. AIA | 2022-2023 AIAS Past Vice President
Lauren Maloney | University of Kansas
Jade Marielle Giron | NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Saad Yaish | An Najah National University
Adan Hernandez | University of Texas Arlington
Qasem Nimer | An Najah National University
Ivan Mota-Sanchez | Ball State University
Kai Smith | Oklahoma State University