June 11, 2021

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is excited to announce the first AIAS Leadership Day, to take place prior to the 2021 Grassroots Conference on Friday July 23rd, 2021.

In order to make the Leadership Training for AIAS Chapter Leaders that typically takes place during the Grassroots Conference more accessible, the AIAS will be offering this full day of leadership training for FREE for all members that are interested in participating and advancing their leadership within their chapter and the organization at large. While leadership training is not mandatory for Chapter Leaders to serve in their roles, it is highly encouraged that they attend in order to be best prepared to run their chapters through the academic year.

Covering topics including Governance, Finance, Membership Engagement, and Advocacy the leadership sessions will be hosted by the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Quad Directors. The Freedom by Design Advisory Committee will also be hosting the annual Freedom by Design Training for current and incoming FBD Directors, and any other members interested in bringing Freedom by Design to their chapters. The Leadership Day will conclude with the Council of Presidents Orientation, which all CoP delegates are required to attend in advance of the Council of Presidents Meeting taking place on July 24th and July 25th from 11am-1pm EDT virtually via Zoom.

Check out the sessions offered, and sign up for FREE the first AIAS Leadership Day below. Access links to the sessions will be emailed to registrants the morning of July 23rd. You can view the schedule for the rest of Grassroots and register for the Conference here.

Sign Up for AIAS Leadership Day

Start Time End Time AIAS Leadership Day 
11:00am 11:10am welcome & intro to the day
11:10am 11:50pm

The AIAS Presents: The AIAS and Friends

2021-2022 South Quad Director Jessie Cart
2020-2021 Midwest Quad Director Cooper Moore

Join us for an exciting, interactive session to learn about the leadership structure within the AIAS, who our allied organizations are and when you will interact with them, and see some phat graphics. Together we will explore how the AIAS functions and the long history of our organization. You should join this session if you are interested in learning how our allied organizations relate to the AIAS and how they can benefit you as a student of architecture and design.

11:50pm 12:00pm Break
12:00pm 12:40pm

Everything is Fine-ance:

Baili Null, 2021-2022 Midwest Quad Director
Shannon DeFranza, 2020-2021 Northeast Quad Director

Join us for a deep dive into chapter finances, but don’t worry, this is a session for everyone – from chapter treasurers or FBD Directors to general members, (and all the finance fanatics in between)! The world of finances can be intimidating, whether you’re a new or experienced leader, so we’re here to help all of our chapters get back on the same page! Exiting an unprecedented year, it is time to gear up for another, with the resources and people to help keep your chapter finances kicking assets!

12:40pm 1:00pm Break
1:00pm 1:40pm

Bringing Back ________________________.
Membership Edition

Nicholas Romero, 2021-2022 West Quad Director
Alex Geisen, 2020-2021 West Quad Director

Whether it is bringing back your friends, family, and/or colleagues, this session will cover the basics, how to’s, and help you start discussions around successful transitions back to in-person/hybrid events. As well as Learning and understanding the importance of membership and how it’s depth can strongly impact your Chapter’s success and your AIAS future.

1:40pm 1:50pm Break
1:50pm 2:30pm

Universal Advocacy

Elizabeth Caccavano, 2021-2022 Northeast Quad Director
Scott Cornelius, 2020-2021 South Quad Director

This session is aimed at giving you all of the resources you need to be a Universal Advocate. Some key topics that will be included are:
– Advocating for Change in any setting
– Learning Teaching Culture Policies
– 2021-2022 AIAS Advocates
– AIAS Committees & Task Forces
Through these topics we will learn not only how to advocate for ourselves, but also for others.

2:30pm 3:30pm


Speakers: 2020-2021 Freedom by Design Advisory Committee

Join the FBDAC for the annual training for current and incoming Freedom by Design Directors and team members. Learn how to bring FBD to your chapter and engage in service within your community. Connect with other service-minded members and hear about successful projects from chapters in recent years.

4:00pm 5:00pm

Council of Presidents Orientation

Required for all Chapter Presidents & Delegates attending the Council of Presidents Meeting