February 24, 2017

Architects should work for future cases and not just for now.” -Megan Stenftenagel



Rachel Law, 2016-2017 National Vice President, Moderator

Clayton Daher, 2016-2017 Northeast Quadrant Director

Sarah Curry, Auburn University, 2017-2018 South Quadrant Director, Member of 2016-2017 Advocacy Task Force

Megan Stenftenagel, Ball State University, Member of 2016-2017 Advocacy Task Force

Tony Lopez, Woodbury University-Burbank, Co-Chair of 2016-2017 Global Council

Zain Islam-Hashmi, Carnegie Mellon University


It is our role as architects to be the facilitator — whether we are having an impact through design or through the amount of environmental, sustainability aspects.. We can facilitate the conversation of change and get people to believe that there is a way to change the building standards.” – Clayton Daher


The power that we have in this profession is as powerful as we think it is.

Our diverse set of panelists brought forward different values of the role of an architect in our contemporary context, and their resulting thoughts on “meaningful work”.

As our generation of architects, designers, and change-makers move out of school and into the working world, how can we begin to use our unique education to make an impact? What does that impact look like, small or large?


“I would describe “meaningful work” as work that is sustainable both ecological and social, careful without being conservative, progressive without being uncomfortable.” – Sarah Curry

Moderator, Vice President Rachel Law, lead the discussion to explore the core values of our panelists and how those have changed their own meaning of architecture and those that create it, facilitate it, and implement it. The panel concluded with an ultimate challenge to the current and future face of the profession to never be satisfied with the status quo, to always search for venues to do more, to consciously improve the human condition on a local and global level.

If you missed it, watch the panel on our Youtube Channel or watch the video below!


“Climate change is something affecting the entire globe and opening up communication among countries can be beneficial for the future of design process.” – Tony Lopez