February 6, 2018

We all have unique perspectives on architecture, architectural education, and the profession. Please consider sharing yours in one of the three live student panel sessions taking place throughout this year’s AIAS Advocacy Month!! This year, the Advocacy Task Force has been given three charges –

  1. Investigate Transparency within Architectural Education
  2. Combat Issues of Equity, Diversity, and Resilience within Architectural Education
  3. Craft an Advocacy Month

Advocacy Month will be taking place from February 12 – March 9, 2018. In order to create a series of exciting discussions, the three panels will be themed around the committee charges and moderated by separate members of the Task Force – but we need your help!  

We are seeking a wide variety of students from all over the world to help unveil some of the issues in architectural education today. Join the conversation and work with your fellow AIAS advocates to brainstorm ways we, as architecture students, can combat our disparate obstacles and use our voices to positively impact our communities!

If you are interested in participating in one or more of these panels, please email Juliet Bibla at jeb442@drexel.edu or Amy Rosen at northeast@aias.org.  

With love,

Juliet Bibla and Amy Rosen

President, AIAS Drexel University 2017-2018, Advocacy Task Force Chair

Director, Northeast Quadrant 2017-2018, Advocacy Task Force Liaison to the BoD