November 21, 2017

It’s elections time! This time of year is always a really exciting time at the AIAS. It’s a time where we find out who is in the running for our next generation of AIAS Leadership. As we come upon FORUM and the election of our 2018-2019 AIAS Board of Directors, we want to make sure your chapter and candidate has everything they need to run and vote at this year’s FORUM Council of President’s meeting.

Candidate Eligibility

All candidates, excluding seated officers and directors, must have current student enrollment status during time of candidacy.

All candidates, excluding seated officers and directors, must be AIAS members in good standing from chapters in good standing at the time of their announcement of candidacy.

Candidates will be certified and notified of certified status by the Elections Chair, after which the national office will post the candidates’ information on

Chapter in Good Standing

  • The Chapter Dues are paid ($275).
  • The Chapter must have 11 members in good standing
  • The Chapter President must be in good standing

Chapters who are in good standing as of December 27, 2017, at 11:59 PM CT are eligible to vote at the AIAS FORUM Council of President’s meeting.

Not sure if your chapter is in good standing? Email Need to pay? Pay Now.

Member in good standing

To be in good standing in the organization, members must have completed the online membership application and paid all individual dues.