Schindler Elevator Corporation is the North American operating entity of the Switzerland-based Schindler Group. Schindler is one of the leading global manufacturers of elevators, escalators and moving walks. Schindler employs over 6,000 people in more than 230 locations in North America. Founded in 1874 in Lucerne, Switzerland, by precision engineer Robert Schindler, Schindler manufactures, installs, maintains and modernizes mobility solutions for almost every type of building requirement worldwide.


Most of us interact with elevators almost every day of our lives. For technological and accessible reasons, we’ve grown up with elevators as a normal part of our lives, and we probably know most things about them. We would recognize the doors, the up and down buttons, the cab, the interior keypad, the elevator music, and some of us may have even seen an interior shaft or a mechanical room. It gets us to where we need to go and we don’t ask questions and certainly never think about designing an elevator as seriously or as in detail as we design the rest of our architecture. But why is that?

Schindler Elevator Corporation and the American Institute of Architecture Students challenge you to do just that: design the unimaginable in order to elevate the elevator experience! 

Everything is on the table: what the elevator looks like, how it gets from one floor to the next, what people do while they’re riding one, and everything in-between. Where will your design take you? Sketch or design a futuristic/realistic design which incorporate modularity, accessibility, and/or other cab designer solutions/themes for elevators and/or escalators.


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