April 7, 2020

The end of the Spring semester is supposed to be when firms are hiring and your school and AIAS Chapter are hosting professional development workshops and other opportunities. In the absence of a physical way to get those resources to you, here are some virtual resources that can still help you be in a good position for the job market. We don’t know how this current health situation will affect firms and they’re hiring ability, but the key to thriving through it will be to remain resilient and to remember that we’re all in this together.

Updated Weekly:

• Already have a job, but need more technical help with remote work? Register for and watch this pre-recorded webinar: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/u5AlcO2srT0obZgZGOKCIlXr4zmuDkjjmg

• Need even more tips for making the work from home life more bearable? This article has great tips about setting boundaries and staying productive: https://www.theskimm.com/live-smarter/career/tips-for-working-from-home-effectively

• Check your local AIA Component’s website for webinars about resumes and portfolios. If your local AIA isn’t doing anything like that, look into other large cities.

• Post your resume to the Job Board of the AIA Component in the city where you’d like to work. It’s free!

• Your AIAS Membership includes free access to most of the courses on AIAU (https://aiau.aia.org/). Some of them may seem advanced, but they’ll ultimately help you present yourself as an asset to a firm, and can go on your resume.

• Work on your resume and LinkedIn profiles (and add “Working Remotely” as a proficient skill). Now is the time to revamp and strengthen your content to make them more attractive to future employers.

• Research design inspiration websites (Behance, Pinterest, DesignInspiration, etc.) and polish off your portfolio. You can publish your portfolio digitally on issuu.com or spend this time building a website.

• Practice interview skills – For those who have a great resume and well-curated portfolio, maybe this is the time you can work on getting those interview skills sharp. Stay tuned for more virtual interviews and mentoring opportunities coming from the AIAS.  

• Think outside the box, and look into Experience O Settings to earn AXP hours towards licensure.