AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference

July 18 – July 20, 2024

Hey there, future leaders! Get ready to dive into the heart of leadership at AIAS Grassroots 2024. Our theme, ‘Flourishing Futures,’ is all about nurturing growth, resilience, and imagination in a world full of twists and turns.

Picture this: like a delicate flower breaking through tough soil, we’re exploring what it means to lead with both empathy and conviction. It’s like finding that sweet spot between being soft-hearted and tough-minded, where kindness fuels determination and compassion drives action.

Join us for inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, and meaningful discussions as we cultivate a community of leaders who aren’t afraid to lead with gentle determination. Together, let’s plant the seeds of change and watch them blossom into something beautiful.

So, are you ready to shape a future where leadership means more than just calling the shots? Let’s do this! See you this summer!


What is Grassroots?




Keynote Speakers