November 9, 2017

Through a partnership with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the AIAS is able to grant almost $9,000 this fall to ten different schools to implement their community-based design projects. The grants are being offered as part of the partnership through the Freedom by Design (FBD) program. An additional $16,000 will be granted throughout the coming spring and summer. Each program’s project intends on providing design-build solutions to address the following barriers: physical, socio-economic, educational, environmental, and cultural.

Fall 2017 FBD grant recipients and their clients :

This cycle’s projects range from creating weatherproofing kits for low-income renters to developing signage to improve an old church’s accessibility. Each project is unique and each program will be making an immediate, positive impact for those associated with their client and their community overall.

All programs are encouraged to complete their builds in the spring of 2018 and provide documentation of their project in an effort to share their achievements with the AIAS community.