May 3, 2023 by 2019-2020 Equity & Diversity Task Force, 2019-2020 Sustainability & Resiliency Task Force, 2020-2021 Council of Global Representatives, 2020-2021 Learning & Teaching Culture Advisory Group, 2021-2022 Professional Development Advisory Group

As part of the NCARB partnership supporting Freedom By Design (FBD), grant funding is once again available to assist with FBD Director attendance at AIAS Grassroots at a $0 registration fee. The standard registration fee is $240.

The grant application is below. The application deadline is Friday, June 16th at 11:59 pm EST. AIAS chapters with FBD projects of all sizes and scopes are encouraged to apply, including chapters who are initiating Freedom by Design projects for the first time in 2023-2024.

*Please note that the grants only cover registration fees.
*To receive this grant you MUST be a registered member of the AIAS.
*Grant recipients must attend FBD Session at Grassroots. Attendance will be taken at session.