December 6, 2018

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Name: Joie Zhang

School: Washington University in St. Louis

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Year in School: Senior



Describe your studio culture:
Our studio culture is defined by hard-working and motivated students that are most importantly supportive of each other.

Give one tip that has helped you succeed in studio:
Time management is everything! Plan out your workload throughout the week so that you’re not left with a huge amount of work the night before studio.

What motivates you to work hard in studio:
The constructive criticism from my professor, my supportive peers, and the excitement of seeing my own progress and growth throughout the semester.

What aspect of your studio experience do you think will help you get a job?
I think the variety of projects and studios I have been in from freshman year to senior year have highlighted my range of skills and abilities.

What can professors do to create a helpful and supportive studio culture?
Create a supportive environment in which students feel free to express their ideas and are open to criticism that is constructive.

What should a high school student understand about studio at my university:
Studio doesn’t have to take up all of your time if you don’t want it to; it’s important to explore other passions and classes – that’s what I love about my university.

What can AIAS do to help improve your studio experience:
AIAS can provide resources and workshops on professional development that may especially be useful to upperclassmen who are seeking internships and jobs.

What would be in your ideal studio care package:
Coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Complete this sentence: I love studio because:
I love studio because it is a unique space, unlike other classes and lecture halls where I can just sit at my desk and create or collaborate with my peers.