April 7, 2020

Now that schools have gone virtual, your AIAS Chapter also needs to adapt! Luckily, everything about being in the AIAS has trained you to be a resilient and flexible leader and member. Here are some resources to help you connect with your fellow students and keep the spirit of your AIAS Chapter alive and well. This is the time to be as inclusive as possible.

Updated Weekly:

• Make sure you’re reading any communications (email, Slack, WhatsApp, GroupMe, etc.) from your Chapter Leaders about the rest of your semester; especially about upcoming elections!!

• Ask your Quad Director if there are any Quad-wide Hangouts happening, then advertise the date to your school in order to check in with fellow students from your region.

• Let the AIAS know how you’re doing by giving us an update on your situation: AIAS COVID-19 Vibe Check.

• In charge of conducting elections? Be sure to read through this guide and don’t forget the most important part of a successful transition and strong foundation for the next year of your AIAS Chapter: https://www.aias.org/how-to-conduct-a-virtual-election

• If you’re missing each other, try jumping on a big Google Hangout or an online chat/game room once a week just to make sure everyone is doing okay and has a fun outlet with their friends and peers.

• Even though this webinar is for studio professors about teaching students, the tips they go through can also help Chapter Leaders keep their members engaged in meetings, and may help a Chapter E-Board rethink their local programming: https://www.acsa-arch.org/webinars/studio-based-online-learning-webinar

• Here are some links that help people collaborate visually online:

◦ https://conceptboard.com

◦ https://mural.co

◦ https://conceptboard.com