June 5, 2017

The AIAS and Fairway Market have teamed up again to bring you a competition aimed at exploring the grocery store and shopping experience of the future. Fairway Market wants your help to be sure it lives up to it’s tagline “Like no other market” long into the future.

Competition Rubric

This is a conceptual design competition created to allow an exploration and experimentation into what the grocery store and shopping experience of the future might look like – particularly in the year 2050. The competition seeks forward-thinking, progressive, and insightful design concepts that suggest innovation related to any element of the grocery store. Stop and think: How will you shop for things 30+ years from now. How will it be a part of your life? Will shopping be fun? Examples include but are not limited to evolution in the overall architecture of a store, the delivery system for inventory, the shopping plan and experience, product display and marketing, or the checkout process, layout, and design. The final deliverable requires visual vignettes and brief written descriptions exhibiting any proposed concepts.

Visual Exhibit

The visual exhibit can propose up to five separate elements that showcase the grocery store and shopping experience of the future. The visual exhibit needs to include a series of illustrative depictions of the innovations proposed. The exhibit can be cohesive surrounding one particular narrative, or include separate concepts that are distinct from one another. The depictions can range from the wild to the practical, but should be conceivable by the year 2050. While text and descriptions may be used where appropriate, the visual exhibit should primarily be a visual representation of your ideas.

Up to five pages at 8.5×11.

Written Exhibit

The written exhibit is separate from the visual exhibit and should explain in prose the concepts submitted via the visual exhibit.

Up to two pages at 8.5×11.


1st place: $3,000
2nd place: $1,500
3rd place: $500

Fees, Submittal & Timeline

AIAS Members: Free
Non-members: $50

Submissions may consist of individual efforts or teams of up to four. Any awards to teams will be distributed evenly among all participants listed. Multiple submissions from the same entrant are acceptable but should be noticeably distinct in concept and depiction

All competition entries must consist of a single pdf file formatted at 8.5×11, not to exceed one (1) title page, five (5) pages of a visual exhibit, and two (2) pages of a written exhibit. The entrant’s name, school, or chapter should not appear anywhere on the pdf. Pdf files should not exceed 10 MB and should be labeled as follows: Market2050_LastNameFirstName

Deadline: July 31st (11:59pm ET)

Award Winners Announced: Late August

Send your submission to competitions@aias.org with the subject Market 2050: Last Name, First Name. 

Optional Design Charrette at AIAS Grassroots

Fairway Market will be conducting a design charrette focused on the competition on Saturday, July 8th on-site at the AIAS Grassroots Leadership Conference. Entrants interested in getting direct feedback from Fairway Market on an in-progress submission or kicking off their entry with a charrette are encourage to attend.