The AIAS is looking for members to share their designs and renderings on Instagram to showcase the work our members do and to provide inspiration for those looking to enhance their skill sets. This competition is open to all years and skillsets – show us what you’ve got! Share your sketches and renderings of a parklet starting January 8th, 2022 via Instagram.  

Make sure to follow AND tag the AIAS National Office and Vectorworks on Instagram – @aiasorg and @vectorworks . Use the following hashtags: #AIASparklet and #Vectorworksparklet At the close of the competition, the jury will select three winners from the submissions.

*Note: You must be an active AIAS member to participate* 

**You must have a public Instagram account to participate** 

***There is no limit to the number of parklet sketches and renderings you can submit, but please choose your best!*** 

 What is a Parklet? 

A parklet is an urban intervention that allows for additional public gathering space. Parklets repurpose, activate, and expand public space in an innovative way, creating space for all people.

 Parklet Design Requirements 

  • Dimensions: All parklets are required to include four-foot setbacks on either side to buffer the parklet from adjacent on-street parking spaces and driveways. With standard setbacks, the dimensions of a parklet would be six (6) feet by 12 feet in one parking space or six (6) feet by 32 feet in two adjacent spaces. 
  • The parklet must have a physical edge to buffer the street. This can take the form of planters, railing, cabling, or some other appropriate buffer. 
  • Maintain a visual connection to the street. The parklet’s design should maintain a visual connection to the street and should not obstruct views. Walls, fencing, and other vertical elements, should be transparent (not opaque) and cannot exceed 42 inches. Any enclosed parklets with canopies cannot exceed 84 inches in overhead clearance and should not obstruct line of sight. 
  • The top of the parklet platform must be flush with the sidewalk and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 
  • A minimum 36-inch clear width entryway to the parklet must be maintained, without vertical protrusions, at all times to comply with ADA Standards.
  • The parklet must be within an urban context and have a connection to existing public space such as a sidewalk or plaza.
  • The parklet should not obstruct existing sidewalks or other pedestrian thruways.

Required Documents:

Plan showing parklet location and context 


One elevation OR a perspective render 


You must have uploaded your designs and renderings to Instagram by 11:59 pm on January 8, 2022.


The winning cash prizes are as follows: 

1st Place: $500 

2nd Place: $250 

3rd Place: $100