May 15, 2019

AIAS is proud to announce that the 2019 Grassroots Leadership Conference will feature the first-ever Student Capitol Hill Day – a day dedicated to providing students with tangible platforms to advocate and directly impact our members and our profession.  We have teamed up with AIA’s Advocacy Team to put together a day of direct engagement for you, our members, to influence public policy in a real way.

AIAS leaders from across the country will come together in D.C. to jumpstart the 2019 Grassroots Conference and truly amplify our collective voice.  On the morning of Thursday, July 18th, 11 teams of students will have the opportunity to travel to Capitol Hill and advocate for federal student loan debt relief for architecture students.  Stemming off of past AIAS work with the National Design Services Act, our work at Student Capitol Hill Day 2019 has the potential to significantly help current and future architecture students overcome the vast financial burdens that come with architectural education today.

The collective meetings taking place that morning will be with members of Congress and Congressional staff from all 50 states.  AIA’s Advocacy Team is working diligently to compile background informational packets for our teams to utilize on-site, and all student team members will be briefed on the key talking points through a coordinated webinar in advance.  This is not an event you want to miss!

Take advantage of this opportunity to join forces with your peers from across the country and share your experience to help us bring light to the issues architecture students are currently facing.  Student participants are guaranteed to gain valuable knowledge about the process of lobbying at a National level, while being exposed to tools and skills that can easily be brought back to local chapters for local advocacy initiatives.

Join us and take action!  Don’t miss your chance to speak up about architecture student loan debt forgiveness to the people that can help us execute real legislative change.  We need a full head-count in advance of Grassroots, so you must register in order to participate in Student Capitol Hill Day.

Fill out this registration form to guarantee your seat at the table: