October 24, 2018

The AIAS FORUM Planning Team is excited to announce the tour lineup for FORUM 2018! Here’s what you can expect to see in Seattle, the Emerald City.

December 29

Downtown Seattle’s Greatest Hits

It’s a new riff on the city as we focus on the construction, context, and culture which shaped our skyline, from golden oldies like Kirtland Cutter’s Rainier Club to popular favorites like the Rem Koolhaas’ asymmetric, cantilevered Central Library. You’ll develop an appreciation for the social forces which shaped Seattle and our built environment. Featured stops include the Fifth & Madison Condominium/901 Fifth Avenue Plaza and Seattle City Hall. $15



Bainbridge Island and the GROW Community

Take a 35-minute ferry ride to visit Bainbridge Island, a small, quaint seaside village that possesses all the benefits of a big city. The GROW Community, minutes from downtown Bainbridge, used the One Planet Living initiative—an international framework with 10 core principles, including efficient use of water, energy, and sustainable materials; reduction of waste; protection of wildlife; and support for local economies. A total of 43 units were built in the first phase: 23 single-family homes and two apartment buildings with 10 small rentals apiece. Join us as we visit this unique community. $20



Pike Place Market

Join us as we take you on well-worn paths through the Market’s main shopping areas and back passageways as you learn about history, unique artwork, and the hidden features of this, the nation’s oldest continuously operating farmers market. $10



December 30

Amazon Headquarters Tour

Welcome to Amazon! Several years ago, Amazon made a conscious choice to invest in downtown Seattle, even though it would’ve been cheaper to move to the suburbs. Amazon chose to commit to Seattle because they believed it was the right choice for Amazon employees and for the city. Now, Amazon’s Headquarters is made up of over 30 office buildings. On this Amazon Headquarters Tour, you will learn how Amazon’s unique urban campus is deeply connected to the surrounding community. In addition, you will explore Amazon’s history, learn about Amazon’s customer obsession, and find out why at Amazon, every day truly is Day 1. $10



First Hill Neighborhood – Freeway Park & St. James

Rising behind the downtown retail core, First Hill is a diverse jumble of high-rise apartments, historic mansions, and hospitals. The Frye Art Museum displays works by 19th- and 20th-century European and American painters. Nearby, Roman Revival Town Hall Seattle is a cultural venue and community hub hosting lectures, author readings and concerts. Visit Freeway Park and St. James Cathedral, amongst many others! $10



Seattle Waterfront Projects and the City Hall

The Waterfront Seattle Program will transform Seattle’s central waterfront, capitalizing on the opportunity created by the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the replacement of the Elliott Bay Seawall.

This tour will also visit the Seattle City Hall designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. $10



December 31

Ballard Library and Locks

Designed by BCJ, the Ballard Library is the first major project to be built for a new urban core in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Designed with a deep, welcoming front porch and a green roof, this highly visible building has become an icon for the community and a statement of its values. An illustration of green building on a modest budget, this project shows what benefits are realized when sustainable design is combined with extraordinary architecture.

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (locally known as the Ballard Locks) is a waterway system that connects the saltwater of the Puget Sound to the fresh water of the Ship Canal, which sits about 20 feet above sea level. Boats enter the locks, the gates close and the water rises or falls to the level of the destination waterway. Watching boats pass through the locks, exploring the 7 acres of botanical gardens and looking for fish on the fish ladder is fun and free entertainment that draws locals and tourists alike.

Bus out to Ballard for this tour which includes a leisurely stroll through the botanical gardens and a tour of the Ballard Library. $25



Capitol Hill & Bullitt Center

Explore Capitol Hill by visiting the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial building in the world. The goal of the Bullitt Center is to drive change in the marketplace faster and further by showing what’s possible today. The era of harm reduction, half steps, and lesser evils is behind us. As a society, we need to be bold in ways that were once unimaginable.

During your explorations, you will also visit the only Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room, an all-new coffee experience, along with other great experiences in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. $20



Pike Place Market and the Seattle Public Library

Design by OMA in conjunction with LMN Architects, the Seattle Public Library is one of Seattle’s most recognizable buildings. Take a tour of the library and Pike Place Market to visit two of Seattle’s iconic buildings. $20



January 1

Scavenger Hunt

Join us this year as we hide clues around the city for you to find! The first team back to the hotel at the close of the Scavenger Hunt wins a prize! $5

Seattle Center Tour

Seattle Center is an arts, educational, tourism and entertainment center in Seattle, Washington, United States. Spanning an area of 74 acres, it was originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair. Join us for a walking tour of the Seattle Center, highlights which include the Chihuly Gardens, MoPop, the Space Needle, and more. *This is an exterior walking tour only. Admission to these buildings is on your own. $10



Amazon Headquarters

Added time slots for those unable to join us on December 30! $10



Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Central Library redefines the library as an institution no longer exclusively dedicated to the book, but as an information store where all potent forms of media—new and old—are presented equally and legibly. In an age where information can be accessed anywhere, it is the simultaneity of all media and, more importantly, the curatorship of their content that will make the library vital. This guided tour is put on by library docents. $10



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