CRIT Issue 84: Territory

The CRIT Issue 84 Editorial Team is comprised of:

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | Cyrus Dahmubed, Northeastern University

DESIGN EDITOR | Kirk Newton, Carnegie Mellon University

ASSOCIATE EDITORS | Sarah Curry, Auburn University & Fangying Zhu, California College of the Arts

WRITERS | Yael Asman, Drexel University; Shreya Bhaskare, University of New Mexico; Christopher Dalov, Florida International University; Erin Doering, Clemson University; Claire Eason, University of Memphis; Mary Geschwindt, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Kelsey Kauffman, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Henry Moores Francis, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Kevin Park, University of Texas at Arlington; Awais Qazi, University of Maryland.

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