October 21, 2021


Washington, DC – October 2021 – The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is proud to announce the Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) as a Pantheon National Partner. The SLB is an industry-funded initiative established to promote the benefits and uses of softwood lumber products in outdoor, residential, and non-residential construction. Programs and initiatives supported by the SLB focus on educating architecture practitioners and students on the use of wood for appearance and structural applications in the built environment.

“Thank you to the Softwood Lumber Board for increasing awareness and opportunities for the members of the American Institute of Architecture Students. By accelerating students’ knowledge and resources in lumber education, this partnership will diversify and support the routes that students can take in the world of architecture. We look forward to collaborating and enhancing our impact so our members can continue to push the boundaries of design.” – Michael Mullings-Whitaker, Director of Development & Partner Engagement at AIAS.

The partnership includes the showcasing of a cross-country traveling education exhibit called the Think Wood Mobile Tour. This fall, the exhibit is set to travel to architecture and engineering schools in Washington, DC, Denver, CO, and elsewhere. Think Wood is a marketing and communications campaign funded by the SLB. Aimed at architects, developers, engineers, and commercial and residential contractors, the campaign builds interest and intent to specify wood for carbon reduction, aesthetic, economic, and performance benefits. The partnership will now include architecture and design students into its fold.

SLB is a thought leader in the softwood lumber industry and will be an invaluable resource for AIAS.

Learn more about the exhibit at https://www.thinkwood.com/tour.