March 30, 2015

Benjamin StrehlowBenjamin Strehlow

North Dakota State University

Degree Program: Architecture

Year: Fourth


Describe your studio culture:

Studio Culture is our policy for both faculty and students that outlines the expectations, goals, and responsibilities in the studio environment and education, which we have summed up as “dedication, long nights, and hard work”.

Give one tip that has helped you succeed in studio:

Communication really is the biggest thing; the ability to talk and discuss things with your friends, colleagues, and professors is so important through all aspects of studio.

What motivates you to work hard in studio:

Seeing the work and effort my colleagues put forth into their projects motivates me the most to improve my own work.

What aspect of your studio experience do you think will help you get a job?

One of the biggest aspects studio provides is the ability to learn most of the major architecture programs through my own work, such as Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, the multiple render programs, etc.

What can professors do to create a helpful and supportive studio culture?

It goes back to communication and creating an open environment, where students know and understand that if they have any issues, then the faculty will be there to try to provide answers.

What should a high school student understand about studio at my university:

You might not realize it at first, but you will become part of an amazing, talented, and creative family.

What can AIAS do to help improve your studio experience:

AIAS can continue to provide information and opportunities for students to gain leadership experience and grow their connections with professionals and students in other states.

What would be in your ideal studio care package:

Moleskine pocket-sized sketchbook, Staedtler pen pack, chocolate or candy bars, Spotify or iTunes gift card, and a decent water bottle.

I love studio because:

It has helped define who I am today, showed me that my passion can be translated into a successful career, and has continually given me new, lifelong friends.