November 5, 2020 by 2019-2020 Equity & Diversity Task Force, 2019-2020 Sustainability & Resiliency Task Force, 2020-2021 Council of Global Representatives, 2020-2021 Learning & Teaching Culture Advisory Group, 2021-2022 Professional Development Advisory Group

As an AIAS 2020-2021 Advocate, I look forward to specifically using  this platform to bring national attention to the topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion. As architecture students and practitioners we are bombarded by studio work and our own professional agendas. Our busy occupations allow us to oftentimes forget the underlying issues that BIPOC folk have to encounter and endure throughout their careers of architecture. As a Mexican-American, first-generation college student, I have become aware of where my identity fits within the context of this profession, and the change I would like to create for those future minorities who are also aspiring to become architects.

My plans on how to advocate for a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse profession vary, but I hope to start this change with the creation of the ArchiTea series. This collaborative podcast series will be available on the AIAS Audio Experience! Throughout these conversations, I will ask guests questions related to their personal and professional experiences that highlight their upbringing and successes while at the same time calling attention to the current hardships they are experiencing as BIPOC designers. These conversations will also bring in a variety of different perspectives on how to create a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse practice and how to best implement these changes.

All in all, I am not only exploring the topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion and their relevance to the profession of architecture, but I am also emphasizing the importance of demanding this change. I am excited about sharing and amplifying the voices that oftentimes go unheard using the AIAS Advocacy platform. I hope these conversations allow us to come together as a community and help us learn from each other in creating a needed and urgent change.

The first episode for the series will be out on November 17th, 2020! Please head over to the AIAS Audio Experience and take a listen and share with any friends you think might be interested. If you have any thoughts afterward please reach out to start the conversation!