Talking IDP

September 24, 2014 This month, the AIAS Staff has been attending NCARB Licensure presentations at chapters in the D.C. area. We traveled to Chapters at the University of the District… Read more »


Learning From You

September 17, 2014 As many of you know, Obi and I have been doing a lot of travel recently. Obi just spent a week touring the AIAS chapters and schools… Read more »


Diversify Your Portfolio

September 10, 2014  The beginning of the fall semester brings an opportunity to connect with friends you haven’t seen since last year, and probably won’t see much of again once… Read more »


AIAS is Architecture and _________ .

September 4, 2014 Today’s reality is that Architecture alone isn’t enough. Architecture school alone isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong: I would never in anyway demean the pedagogical process. I… Read more »