April 25, 2019

The co-hosting of AIAS CRIT LIVE and ACSA’s 2019 General Meeting offered students a unique opportunity to place their own work and interests within the context of broader architectural research. Moreover, Pittsburgh — a city serving as the focus of many innovations in the field — offered the perfect environment in which to do so. As a student and a member of the AIAS, it was a great opportunity to see research work from passionate members in the organization. Overall, the events were hugely successful in providing a platform for educators and students alike to share ideas, question existing norms, and explore new paradigms of thought and practice. Take a peek at some of the clips below:

Panel: Q&A with Presenters
Megha Dubey, Sinan Goral, and Madison Russ

Panel: Q&A with Presenters
Kristin Hoover, Samantha Pires, and CMU’s UDBS



For more details about the full schedule, visit the CRIT Live: Carnegie Mellon page here.