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2023 Midwest Quad Conference – “RE-imagine” – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Re-imagine is a continuation of the AIAS mission to stabilize after the pandemic and encapsulates today’s essence of architecture within Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With the completion of the world’s tallest mass-timber building, the new design of the Milwaukee Public Museum which will break ground in 2023, and the city’s rich, multicultural history, Milwaukee exemplifies the way history can help the re-imagination of the future. Through firm and landmark visits, cultural experiences (and GOOD FOOD!), lectures, networking opportunities, and workshops, our UW-Milwaukee Team hopes to provide the Midwest with the resources to re-imagine their communities to improve the future!

2023 West Quad Conference – “Extremes” – Arizona State University

The theme of this conference is based on the architectural and urban challenges that Arizona faces as one of the hottest states in the U.S. Confronted by 111 annual days of triple digit heat, a continuing water crisis as population booms, and a 454% increase in heat related deaths since 2014, the crisis is, in fact, here. Although it is one of the hottest locations, in the next 30 years, many other cities will be faced with the same challenges. So the “Extremes: Urban Adaptation and Innovation” conference will serve as a warning sign, a display of experimentation, and innovation in dire circumstances in the land of scorching growth.

2023 South Quad Conference – “Revival” – Savannah College of Art & Design

When we leave Savannah, the topic of preservation shapes our thinking and goal of restoring the virtues of preservation and the purpose of a place. Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District is an unrivaled setting for architectural studies. The city’s extensive urban plan and diverse architecture are admired by architects and planners worldwide. Savannah and the surrounding region provide a learning environment that informs the SCAD architecture curriculum through exposure to the urban scale and contextual design and an awareness of the personal scale and relationship between the pedestrian and the city. Students live, work, and play in Savannah, one of the United States’ most extensive National Historic Landmark Districts. SCAD has restored nearly 60 historic buildings in the city, which are now filled with art, beauty, and technology for students to use as a source of insight and inspiration. Outside the university, students work on regional projects, gaining real-world experience while balancing business demands, local priorities, sustainability, and heritage value.

2023 Northeast Quad Conference – “SP[ARCH]” – Marywood University

SP will host students at Marywood University and offer programming within downtown Scranton. This conference will explore the historic origins of Scranton born from iron, coal, and steam, to electricity and beyond. Scranton was birthplace and home to a young Jane Jacobs, a predominant architectural advocate for higher density in cities, short blocks, local economies, and mixed uses. We are excited to share this rich history of Scranton, our city, to the Northeast Quad through local firm tours, historic and cultural city tours. Additionally, we have exciting studio workshops planned to cover 3D printing, design build challenges, birditecture, and a live K-12 workshop with the students of Nativity Miguel. Finally, attendees will be invited to attend a career expo with business professionals, our annual Beaux Arts Ball, and informal Council of Presidents meeting.

Boston Beaux Arts Ball

Come celebrate the end of a successful year of architecture school with your peers at Boston-area architecture schools! This Beaux Arts Ball is the second-annual Beaux Arts Ball, happening on April 1 from 7:30 to 10:30 PM EST in Seaport in Boston.


THRIVE Webinar – Galvanize Your Campus: Core Webinar by American Galvanizers Association


The Galvanize Your Campus: Core Webinar introduces students to the basics of hot-dip galvanized steel. For more than 100 years, hot-dip galvanizing has been a mainstay of North American industry. Used in various applications in some of the harshest environments, hot-dip galvanizing combats corrosion throughout the world. Though corrosion resistance is inherent any time galvanizing is used, more specifiers select hot-dip galvanizing now for other reasons including lowest initial and life-cycle cost, durability, longevity, versatility, sustainability, and aesthetics. This course will examine the hot-dip galvanizing process as well as other zinc coatings, and detail the intrinsic benefits galvanizing provides.


The Finance Committee will be hosting the third Council of Treasurers meeting on April 17th at 12pm ET. Hear from your fellow treasurers, meet the committee, and let's chat about chapter finance! FINANCE COMMITTEE Chair: Nicole Bass, AIAS, NOMA, Assoc. AIA | 2022-2023 AIAS Vice President Board Liaison: Ethan Sandburg, AIAS | 2022-2023 AIAS Midwest... Read more »


Join President Cooper Moore and Vice President Nicole Bass on Tuesday April 18th for the National Town Hall! Show up with comments, questions, and concerns regarding the state of the AIAS.

NAVFAC NW Informational Session and Panel

Join us on Wednesday, April 19 to talk with Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest (NAVFAC NW) about who they are and the types federal architecture work they do. During the session, there will be a panel discussion to hear the experiences from federal architects and designers!

AIA Seattle’s Virtual Climate Summit

AIA Seattle is hosting their 2023 (Virtual) Climate Summit: Decarbonization for Health Equity & Community Resilience online May 8-9 (9am-2pm PT both days), and we hope you’ll join us! Through examining 1) air quality and the right to positive health outcomes; 2) adaptive reuse strategies, the circular economy, and electrification; and 3) case studies demonstrating what “good” looks like through responsible building in projects and practice, this year’s thought leadership summit will take a systems-approach to explore high-impact decarbonization strategies that nurture our communities and ecosystems.

Conference on Housing, Land, and Property in Crisis Contexts

The first U.S. conference on Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) in Crisis Contexts is planned with Howard University's Department of Architecture and will be hosted at Howard University in Washington D.C., USA on June 5th and 6th (9am - 1pm ET). The conference will bring together academia, donor organizations, the private sector, the United Nations... Read more »


Join President Cooper Moore and Vice President Nicole Bass on Tuesday, June 20th for the National Town Hall! Show up with comments, questions, and concerns regarding the state of the AIAS.

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