October 1, 2020 by 2019-2020 Equity & Diversity Task Force, 2019-2020 Sustainability & Resiliency Task Force, 2020-2021 Council of Global Representatives, 2020-2021 Learning & Teaching Culture Advisory Group, 2021-2022 Professional Development Advisory Group

September has come to an end so that means that Membership Month has also come to a close. Here is a recap of all the amazing things we had going on to kick off the year and share the value of AIAS membership! Read through to the end to find out who the winners of the Chapter Promo Competition are!

AIAS Alumni Highlights

As part of the 2020 Fall Membership Month republished alumni highlights from the 60th anniversary of the AIAS and shared them with you again! Titles and work locations may have changed in the past years, but their advice and experiences are as pertinent as ever. Click the image to see all the original interviews!

AIAS Chapters on Instagram

We had an amazing amount of engagement with our chapters and members on Instagram. Here’s a plug to be sure to follow us on Instagram! Thank you to our amazing chapters who highlighted what taking action this year means to them each weekend on the national account.

Morgan State University (Northeast Quad)

University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Midwest Quad)

University of Memphis (South Quad)

University of Colorado Boulder (West Quad)

and Lebanese American University (International) 

AIAS Past Chapter Leaders of the Month

On IGTV we also featured some of our previous chapter leaders of the month and asked them about their experiences with AIAS! Below you can watch Shannon Haley’s video, but you can find them all on Instagram.


Visible Value Wednesday

Vice President Sara Taketatsu also kicked off the weekly video series, Visible Value Wednesday to highlight the value of membership and all things AIAS. Check out the most recent episode below!

AIAS Town Hall

We all love talking about AIAS membership, but more importantly, we all love hearing from and meeting our fellow members! Our first AIAS Town Hall was a chance to share thoughts, concerns, or bring up topics of interest that you thought the AIAS should look into. This meeting was open to ALL AIAS members to take part in and took place on September 26. Chapter presidents have access to the recording of this meeting on the Council of Presidents Google Drive, so reach out to your chapter president if you would like to hear more! Topics covered included how to keep up team morale and momentum, fundraising ideas, and virtual event ideas.

Closing Thoughts

The theme for the year is Take Action. We believe that a huge first step in taking action is to be a part of this vibrant community of architecture students. Membership is the most fundamental piece of this nonprofit organization, and without you, we wouldn’t be here advocating for students, sharing our experiences, or advancing design, leadership, and service!

AIAS Announces the Chapter Promo Competition Winners!

We are proud to announce the winners of the Membership Month Chapter Promo Competition. Many chapters submitted videos and graphic campaigns that highlighted the value of membership and how their chapters are taking action. The submissions were judged on how well they expressed these points and on how engaging the material was. Here are your winners!

First Place | $400

University of Colorado Boulder AIAS


Second Place | $250

The University of Maine at Augusta AIAS


Third Place | $100

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo AIAS


Honorable Mention

Fairmont State University AIAS


Congratulations to our winners!