September 20, 2021

Happy fourth week of Membership Month, everyone! This week we’re feeling the local chapter love! We’ve spent the last few weeks giving you the tools for successfully engaging your members. Below we have a few resources outlined to make sure your chapter can stay strong and stable during tough times (i.e. a pandemic). 

We also want to celebrate our chapters this week! We have a chapter takeover from CCNY this Th ursday to show how they navigate having multiple architecture clubs at their school. We’ll be posting about the “How it Started vs How it’s Going” engagement campaign to celebrate members and alumni. BUT we will also repost all of our chapter’s stories and posts this week if you tag @aiasorg and #AIASmem21 to help celebrate everyone’s amazing work!

Last reminder! We have our first THRIVE Webinar this Thursday 9/23 at 12 pm EDT! Sign up HERE

What kind of Resources do we have to help your chapter?

Model chapter bylaws 

Access HERE

The 2019-2020 AIAS Governance Committee compiled an entire Model Bylaws Document for use by the membership. These example Bylaws can be completely co-opted by new Chapters or bits and pieces of it can be adopted into existing Chapter Bylaws. Explanation in some parts provides a better understanding of how Bylaws work and why they’re so important to the governance of a local organization.

So you’re the treasurer guide 

Access HERE

The Finance Committee spent some time compiling and summarizing what it feels are some of the top topics an AIAS Chapter Treasurer is most likely to face. Among them are things like: chapter bank accounts, fundraising, budgeting for events, and much more!


Sustainability best practices guide 

Access HERE

The Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force 2019-2020 created this guide as a resource for students, schools, and communities at large to address sustainable practices. We cover many different topics such as recycling, building practices, and sustainability-focused organizations. Additionally, these topics are analyzed through three different lenses: school/chapter, community, and individual. Our hope is that AIAS members will use this manual to enhance their projects and everyday lives with sustainable practices that are fun and easy to implement.

Membership Manual

Access HERE

Vice President DeFranza compiled this Membership Manual to get you ready and pumped up to usher in the new year. Inside, we hope you will find the resources and support you need to have a successful year of strategic engagement with your members and community, and the best membership experience possible!

AIAS Branding Standards 

Access HERE

Make sure to review the AIAS Logo Branding Guidelines for all of your chapter’s logo needs for marketing!

Council of Presidents (COP) drive

With your chapter’s official email, you can access the shared Council of Presidents Google Drive- where chapters and the National office have shared resources. A special shout out to the Finance Folder that last year’s Finance Committee put together!

If you need access to your email, Vice President DeFranza can reset your chapter’s email! Have your Chapter President or Secretary email

Leadership Day Event Recordings 

Access HERE

This year at Grassroots in July, we recorded our Leadership Training sessions on Governance, Finance, Membership, Advocacy, and Freedom by Design! Chapters can access these to answer questions they may have!


Quad directors and Ambassadors

Your Quad Directors and Ambassadors can connect you with fellow chapters! Make sure your chapter info is up to date by filling this form out if you have not already done so! Update HERE 

Your Directors and Ambassadors host monthly meetings with chapters in your region! Anyone can attend (though chapter presidents are required) to connect with other chapters, ask questions, and share ideas.

Other chapters

Aside from following @aiasorg and your region’s Instagram, you can follow most other chapters on Instagram! Follow fellow chapters for great event ideas, open events, and more!

Celebrating your members and alumni


We’ve all seen this trend on social media by now. With the theme EVOLVE, we want you to share your “How it Started, How it’s Going” journey.

  • On Instagram, share yourself as a freshman or younger and what your goals and struggles were.
  • Share where you are now in your path, how you grew, and how AIAS helped you get there!
  • Get your alumni involved!
  • Tag @aiasorg, your Quad/Region Account, #AIASmem21,#AIASEvolve, #AIASLevelUP, #AIASHowitStartedvsHowitsGoing and we’ll repost!
  • The Chapter that engages the most will receive $150 


Any Questions? Ideas? Email and Vice President Shannon DeFranza can help you! This year’s theme is EVOLVE. During #AIASmem21, the national office will be focusing on how we can evolve to be better versions of ourselves. Do you have ideas on how to better serve our members? Share at the Town Hall October 6th, 8 pm ET!

Watch out for Visible Value Wednesday this week as VP DeFranza breaks it all down! Next week will showcase Community Building with chapter back to school events!


And as always be sure to share photos from your chapter on social media and tag @aiasorg and your Quad or Region account. The membership month hashtags are: