May 21, 2021

The AIAS Advocates Program is an application-based opportunity geared towards showcasing and providing platforms for you, our members, to speak up and speak loud about niched advocacy topics and initiatives. We are excited to announce the two applicants that have been selected for the AIAS Advocates Program for the 2021-2022 year. Get to know our advocates, congratulate them, and preview their advocacy topics below:


JULIA ANDOR | New York Institute of Technology

Advocacy Focus: Advocating for Unhoused People

“567,715 people were unhoused in the United States of America in the year 2019 according to Since the start of the pandemic, this number has only grown, and as architects, it is our responsibility to take action. Through the AIAS, I hope to advocate not only for unhoused people but also for architects to take a more active role in other areas such as public policy and civic engagement.”


HALEY ROGERS | Clemson University

Advocacy Focus: Redirect – The Accessibility of Sustainability

“I will intend to use this platform to discuss the narrative about sustainability and hopefully provide an understanding on why sustainability eff orts aren’t always pursued. The current statement: ‘Architects need to produce sustainability,’ should not be a statement at all but geared into a question of why. ‘Why don’t architects pursue Sustainability?’ ‘What resources are professionals lacking?’ ‘How can we make sustainability more accessible?'”


The AIAS Advocates Program runs on an academic-year schedule. Our Advocates will have multiple opportunities to shed light on their topics throughout the year – through our events and on our social media platforms.  We cannot wait to see how they utilize our platforms to amplify their voices and inspire all of you! Don’t forget to follow the AIAS Advocacy Instagram account @aias_advocacy so you don’t miss a thing.