AIAS Imagine: Top 60-at-60

The top 60 AIAS members gathered with the Walt Disney Imagineers for an unforgettable weekend in Orlando! This work was…

UNC Charlotte 2016-2017 FBD Project Portfolio

University of Hawaii-Manoa 2016-2017 FBD Project Portfolio

University of Kansas 2016-2017 FBD Project Portfolio

The Expanded Scope of Freedom By Design

From a focused set of barriers and solutions, the Freedom By Design portfolio expands in scope to encompass a wider…

Transition Leaflet

This guideline is a resource that chapters can refer to for best-practices to ensure a smooth transition from one year to…

AIAS Studio Culture Reviewed

Survey results, complied by the American Institute of Architecture Students of people aging 16 - 68 years old, capturing the…

Panel Discussion Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit was designed to help you create and carry out a panel discussion based on equity, diversity, and resiliency…

CRIT Issue 80

CRIT is the journal of the AIAS and the premier publication of student’s in architecture, design, and associated fields.

Membership Value Infographics

Use these graphics to show the value of AIAS membership.

Advocacy in Action: How-to Panel

This resource provides ideas of how your chapter can incorporate advocacy in its programming.

Leadership, Design, Service Posters

Use these leadership, design, and service posters to promote membership with the AIAS.