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The AIAS is now holding an open Call for Resolutions for the AIAS Council of Presidents! This means that chapter leaders can submit proposals for official revisions to the AIAS Bylaws, directives to the Board of Directors, directives to the Committees and Task Forces, or directives to the Council of Presidents. All submitted proposals will be published ahead of Grassroots 2024. After the initial proposals are made public, there will be an opportunity to propose amendments to the submitted resolutions before the Council of Presidents (CoP) convenes after Grassroots. Discussion and voting on proposed resolutions and any associated amendments will take place at the Summer CoP Meeting after AIAS Grassroots 2024.

This format for submission allows the CoP opportunities for earlier consideration of proposed changes, encourages chapter discussion before the conference, and enhances the efficiency and execution of the CoP meeting at Grassroots. See the schedule below for an overview of all the excitement!







To submit a resolution or amendment, please draft up a proposal as a “motion” using Robert’s Rules of Order, provide background or rationale up to one paragraph in length, and email it to President Brock at president@aias.org in advance of the deadlines above. Questions or concerns about a proposal can also be submitted to the same address.

If you are a Chapter President, be sure to read up on the AIAS Delegate Guide prior to attending the 2024 Summer CoP Meeting so you can maximize your chapter’s voice and use it to efficiently and productively help shape the future of the AIAS and architectural education as a whole!

Please note: We recognize that some issues or resolution topics may arise after these deadlines. Because of this, there will be a short section allocated for New Business at the 2024 Summer Council of Presidents Meeting, where delegates may propose resolutions from the floor; however, it is highly encouraged that members take advantage of this streamlined submission process in order to ensure that adequate time is provided in the meeting for discussion related to a given resolution amongst the Council. It is at the discretion of President Moore that comments outside of this process are received, so it is recommended that interested delegates coordinate with him as much as possible. If you absolutely must propose a resolution from the floor, please come prepared with your resolution drafted as a “motion” and accompanied by relevant background or rationale.


– colt

2023-2024 AIAS President


Continue reading for a preview of the 2024-2025 AIAS Committees and Task Forces from President-elect Jordan Luther.



Wow! Can you believe it? We’re only a few weeks away  from Grassroots! Our Headquarters team can’t wait to welcome you all in DC for one of our favorite parts of the year. Grassroots is a time for reunion with our friends across the globe, exploring the sites of DC, growing our leadership skills, bonding with our chapters, and of course singing karaoke until we lose our voices. But, that’s not all. One of the best parts about Grassroots is the reveal and call for interest of committees. So, without further ado, here is a sneak peak of what is in store for the committees and task forces for this upcoming year. 

You might be wondering what a committee in the AIAS is and does. The AIAS has two kinds of committees, only one of which is actually called a “committee.” The ones we call committees are Standing Committees, which exist every year in largely the same form. These committees encompass a wide range of responsibilities, and all of them are open to you except for the Personnel Committee. The PerComm is made up of members of the Board of Directors, so if you want the opportunity to be on it, we better see you running for office this year! (Find more information on Standing Committees under the ‘Governance’ tab on the website.) The other group of “committees” are the Special Committees. Our Special Committees are actually called Task Forces, and they change every year. 

In the spirit of our theme for the year Flourishing Futures in mind, I have been working closely with our board, staff and members to envision the future of the committees and task forces. This at its  core has meant thinking back to the mission and vision of our organization and what is most important to our members. In many cases, service, equity, and sustainability are the heart of our organization. With this in mind, we will be continuing the JEDI and Student Health and Wellbeing Task Forces and introducing two new task forces. While the two new task force names are still in progress, they will be centered around K-12 Mentorship and Climate Action. All of the task force charges and deliverables will be designed to have service at their cores and will encourage our members to go out and give back to their communities.

This is by no means an extensive list of the committees and task forces, but something to think about as we head into the upcoming year. I can’t wait to share more with you all about the committees and task forces and couldn’t be more excited to see you at Grassroots! Stay tuned for more and see you soon!


– Jordan Luther

2024-2025 AIAS President