October 3, 2022


The AIAS is excited to announce that Enn Mathis (she/her) has accepted the position of Manager of Communications and Social Media of the American Institute of Architecture Students! By way of introduction to the AIAS community, Enn has answered some interview questions below. We are excited for the changes and contributions she will make to our organization by strengthening our digital presence and building our online community!

Tell us what you’re excited to bring to the AIAS?
I am excited to bring 100% to this organization! My team is incredible. Their energy and enthusiasm for the work we do is so motivating. It’s exciting just bringing myself to work each day.

What inspires you about the architecture profession and architecture students in particular?
Architects are the perfect blend of creativity and technical skill personified. Sure, I can imagine the world as a better place, but they can create a better world using their imagination. Taking a simple thought and turning it into something physical that I can walk into is quite literally awe inspiring.

Please tell us about yourself? What are your hobbies? Any favorite books, etc.?
I have declared this year the year of hobbies! I can find joy in most things, but I want to become invested in something that I participate in regularly. So, my hobby is finding a hobby!

What are your top priorities for your new position?
My top priorities are to create a content calendar and production schedule that allow us to finish content months ahead of its publishing date!

What is the “big picture” impact that you would like to have on the AIAS?
My ultimate goal is to create a close knit online community that interacts across all platforms and offline seamlessly.

Please elaborate on any activities you are involved in outside of work (volunteer, committee work, etc.).
I don’t participate in much outside of work, but I definitely plan to add more to my schedule. I love love loveee to dance and am looking for a class to visit 1-2 times weekly. You’re welcome to join me! 😀

Is there anything else our membership should know about you?
You should know to watch your step when I’m around. I am pretty vertically challenged! haha I’m also extremely excited to be here and cannot wait to meet everyone in person!