July 25, 2018

The AIAS is excited to announce the locations for the fall and spring lineup of both CRIT Live: Research Symposia and THRIVE: Career Prep events. CRIT Live provides student members with training opportunities centered on designing, funding, performing, and presenting effective research projects, as well as opportunities to present research themselves. THRIVE is a day-long series of educational sessions for members that cover topics to help you thrive in the profession such as interviewing skills, portfolio design, your first day/year, working with a supervisor/mentor, and moving up in a firm. Both CRIT Live and THRIVE are recent additions to the AIAS event portfolio and were established to broaden AIAS’ reach across interests and experience levels.

In the fall of 2017, the AIAS Board of Directors elected to restructure the event schedule resulting in one CRIT Live and THRIVE event each semester. The 2018-2019 lineup is as follows:


CRIT Live: Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, MI)  November 3, 2018

THRIVE: Tulane University (New Orleans, LA) November 3, 2018


CRIT LIVE: Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) March 30, 2019

THRIVE: University of Oregon (Portland, OR) February 23, 2019

Registration for both fall events will open in August.

The AIAS is seeking members who wish to present their finished research or in-progress research at either CRIT Live event at Lawrence Technological University or Carnegie Mellon University. There are available spots for the presentation of traditional research studies, project-based research focusing on design, or topical studies in-progress. Selected presenters will receive comped entry to the event. The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, September 15th using the form below:

Example Topics or Focus Areas

  • Urban Planning
  • Design and Health
  • Sustainable Innovations
  • New Technologies, Materials and Systems

Presentation Formats

All presenters will be given a 20-minute solo slot accompanied by an adjacent moderated 30-minute panel discussion with other student presenters.