February 14, 2018

The AIAS Board of Directors has elected to bring Fall Quad Conferences back to the AIAS event lineup in 2019. The decision reinstates a past piece of AIAS programming that the AIAS Board of Directors believe represents a valuable element of the AIAS member experience. The decision does not add additional programming; rather it simply intends to shift the current event structure. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the AIAS will host two Fall Quad Conferences and two Spring Quad Conferences, rather than the existing structure that hosts four Spring Quad Conferences only. Fall Quad Conferences will be complemented by CRIT Live, AIAS’ research symposia, and Spring Quads will be complemented by THRIVE, AIAS’ career prep event. This new structure allows each Quad to host AIAS event programming each semester.

The rationale for the decision rests on several key points:

  • Splitting the Quad Conferences between fall and spring enhance the value proposition of the AIAS in the fall.
  • Splitting the Quad Conferences allows bidding chapters to select the ideal semester for their chapter.
  • Fall Quad Conferences allow members the chance to experience an AIAS live event in advance of FORUM to better understand event value and benefit.
  • New structure will free up chapters to attend Quad Conferences in other Quads.
  • New structure allows each Quad to host a piece of AIAS programming each semester.

This is how it’ll work:

Bidding and selection for the 2019 Fall Quad Conferences will take place at FORUM Seattle in December 2018. Bidding and selection for Spring Quad Conferences will continue to be held at Grassroots in Washington, DC each summer. Bidding for CRIT Live and THRIVE Career Prep will take place each spring and will be selected by the AIAS Board of Directors.



**Schedule and breakdown subject to change.