April 10, 2024

Calling all high school members! The AIAS has partnered with the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)! The NSLC provides an immersive pre-college experience that prepares students for life beyond middle and high school, allowing them to study in university classrooms, learn to navigate a campus, and experience living with roommates. Students can explore a career concentration they are interested in before going to college and declaring a major. Each NSLC program also contains a leadership curriculum designed to teach skills that can apply to all areas of life. In the architecture program, students will get hands-on experience with a studio project, computer-aided design, model making, sketching, drafting, and portfolio design. 

  • All AIAS high school members will get a $250 discount on NSLC tuition
  • Two lucky members will get a scholarship of half off the NSLC tuition
  • One member will get a full scholarship to attend NSLC!

Tuition covers housing and on-campus meals, plus course materials, academic expenses, trips, tours, activities, and off-campus event transportation. Travel costs to and from the program itself are not included, and students are individually responsible for expenses such as spending money for souvenirs, laundry, and off-campus meals.

The summer NSLC architecture program takes place at Georgetown University in Washington, DC on the following dates:

  • Jun 17 – Jun 25
  • Jun 29 – Jul 7
  • Jul 12 – Jul 20
  • Jul 24 – Aug 1

A successful submission to the AIAS + NSLC Scholarship will include:

  1. 500-750 word response to each of the following questions:
    1. What do leadership, design, and service mean to you? How do they apply to your life? 
    2. How would a scholarship to NSLC impact your path into architecture? 
    3. Why are you interested in pursuing architecture as a career?
  2. A headshot/photo to be posted on our website
  3. A resume of academic and extracurricular involvement 

Please note that you must be a registered AIAS member to be eligible for the scholarship. Register here by creating an account and “checking out.” It’s free for all high school students!