May 9, 2019

At the beginning of April, students came to Bozeman for the 2019 West Quad Conference hosted by Montana State University.


The conference kicked off with a firm crawl
and dinner for students and professionals
to interact. All speakers were invited to give
students more opportunity to engage with



All of the sessions feel into one of three scalar
categories: environment, community, and human.
Together the sessions to inform a conversation about
place and how design is reflected across and through
each scalar condition. Topics included Dyslexia,
neighborhood mapping, designing for nonprofits,
community park planning, wild clay research, and
others as well as many opportunities for field


MSU School of Architecture Tiny Home      Cohousing Workshop                                        Felting Workshop


All keynote sessions at West Quad: TEXTURE
were panel discussions.
The first panel was designed to be a
thoughtful discussion beyond architecture,
posing questions like “How do you
experience place and how has it changed
over time?” The second panel was a conversation about
the many facets and multidisciplinary nature
of architecture as a profession.



EJ Porth, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Communications + Outreach Director
David Fortin, McEwen SoA at Laurentian, University, Director
Lori Ryker, studioryker
Randy Carpenter, Moderator, Future West, Project Director

Diverse Modes of Practice

Shannon Christensen, CTA Architects Engineers
Chere LeClair, SoA at MSU
Erik Nelson, THINKTANK Design Group
Ralph Johnson, Moderator, SoA at MSU, Director


Vernacular Agricultural Landscape               Moving While Standing Still                           Panel on Place
of the Gallatin Valley Tour

Tippet Rise Art Center

On a 12,000-acre working sheep and
cattle ranch, Tippet Rise hosts musical
performances and large-scale art exhibits.
Artists include Patrick Dougherty, Stephen
Talasnik, and Mark di Suvero among others.
We were very grateful to have the
opportunity to tour the Art Center in its off
season during West Quad.