April 2, 2021

The AIAS National Office is excited to announce this year’s event tracks for AIAS Grassroots! Here’s what type of programming you can expect to see at Grassroots:

Track 1: Truth to Power

Understand power dynamics in the academic and professional arena, how to navigate tough conversations, and how to advocate for yourself and your peers. Engage in crucial conversations and educate yourself on the issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in architectural education and in the profession.

Track 2: The Future of Design

Hear from professionals using design-thinking and new technologies to tackle challenges facing the world today. Explore new tools in architecture and how they have been inspired by recent changes and trends, such as the pandemic, with a focus on climate change and sustainability.

Track 3: Designing Your Career

Dive into professional and personal development and what moves to make now for starting your career. Understand your thinking styles, learn what it means to be a design thinker, and how to transition those ideas into action while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.