Each month, the AIAS highlights the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.



Tamzid Jaigirdar is an undergraduate student at the University of Detroit Mercy and is preparing to graduate this spring. He is his chapter’s current AIAS chapter president and former Vice-President. Over his two years serving my student body we’ve exceeded my expectations for where I saw the chapter by a long shot. When he and his team first started the effort to revive the organization after it had died during Covid, they challenged themselves with an important question. “Why did our school need an AIAS chapter and what could a new AIAS do for the students and faculty?” Through this question, they were able to completely redesign their chapter from the ground up to better fit the needs of the school. While this was a lengthy process that took about a year in total, the redesign allowed them to make our AIAS chapter adapt to the unique needs and concerns of our university. Tamzid says, “Our goal for the current year was to reestablish ourselves nationally and create alliances between organizations. We’ve created a relationship with AIAS Lawerence Tech which has been extremely fruitful for both of us. This relationship has led us to host a joint Beaux-Arts Ball which we’re both extremely proud of. We’ve fostered and solidified our relationship with our NOMAS chapter, so much so that we’ve codified our relationship in our new bylaws. We’ve also been able to coordinate with other organizations at the University of Detroit Mercy. Specifically, we’re able to collaborate with our campus food bank, The Hive, to donate the cans used for our Canstruction submission for the midwest competition, (which we won by the way). Through this synergy, we were able to supply The Hive with enough cans to fulfill their entire Christmas demand.” They also had the opportunity to go to their first conference in our new form. They were able to bring over 75% of their members to the Mid-West Conference in Milwaukee where they had a great time. While this year is fruitful, Tamzid is “convinced that the future of our chapter is much brighter. We have a lot of big things in the works so look out for our chapter!”



The Ben Moore color that best represents Tamzid is Seaport Blue. He notes,  “I appreciate its subtle vibrancy. It’s a color that
grabs your attention but doesn’t demand it. Seaport Blue’s understated confidence is what I aspire for in my demeanor and work.”


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