Each month, the AIAS highlights the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of one of its members. The Chapter Leader of the Month can be a Chapter President or any member who has shown tremendous leadership.



Wrileidy Lopez is a recent graduate student with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture and a minor
in art history from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She served as the elected president of
the UMass Amherst chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students. One whose
challenges and barriers did not become obstacles, but rather opportunities to persevere. And One
that did whatever it took to accomplish her goals of positively improving and leading the chapter. No
matter what her chapter faced, she proudly stood up with faith realizing that her Executive Board
members were passionate to share positivity, knowledge, and support to future upperclassmen in
the Department.
Her passion for leadership originated from an early age as her grandfather, Lorenzo Burgos, lead the
example as a community leader in the Dominican Republic. At a young age she participated in
spicket river cleanups and many community service activities that only grew as a Segeant with
JROTC as part of Lawrence High Schools’ Lancer Battalion. Upon understand her passions of
community service she started to understand the importance of the built environment and its social
impact. It allowed her to discover her passion for architecture that plays a direct impact in people’s
life and the built environment, and mixed her passion for art, mathematics and science.
She is proud to be part of the AIAS as she claims that, “It has allowed me to continue to give back to
my community, my department and the body of students in ways that I couldn’t image. It feels
incredibly honorable when student come to me saying that my chapter made a difference and that
they are inspired.” She is also proud of its mentorship and Freedom by Design programs that
successfully allowed mentors and mentees to be paired and community projects to be built. In
particular, the ramp that was built in conjunction with STAVROS and helped a family in Western
Massachusetts have wheelchair access to their homes. She is proud of the collaborative events with
UMass’ chapter of National Organization of Minority Architecture Students for portfolio such as
resume making, and portfolio reviews. Aias also hosted sketching and painting events, as wells as
networking events with incredible Alumnis and friends in real estate. More to me be seen at

Last but not least, she hope to continue her efforts in making her communities proud and be a good
example for the youth. She had the following Closing statement, ” To me AIAS is more than a
national chapter, it is the ability for students to enhance their educational experience and be part of a
community that cares for one another. It is one that gives you the ability to gain knowledge, learn
through one another and seek extracurricular activities that are fun, creative and worthwhile. AIAS
continued to made the department more like a home. It has become a family.” – Wrileidy Lopez



Wrileidy says, “Of the many color choices from Ben Moore, the Color Whispering Spring 2136-70 best reflects me as
a person who is calming but yet tries to add a bit of color and variation to things.”


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