August 27, 2014

August 27, 2014

Yesterday Charlie and I held our debut on the BIG screen! Let me just say, for my first time on a webinar, I was nervous. My degree is in public relations and I started at the AIAS in February, so my knowledge of architecture isn’t the best. Speaking about IDP, the Architect Licensing Advisor, and the National Design Service Act really helped me learn more about architectural practice. It’s crazy how many the steps you have to take to actually become an architect, when most people just go to school for 4-6 years for their degree. I give you guys props!

Right before we got the cue we were about to go live, I had a million thoughts flashing through my head but our friends at NCARB were absolutely wonderful!

We were asked a lot of questions from our members but my favorite was, “What has been your favorite moment so far in the AIAS?” My answer was Grassroots, meeting our members, putting a face to an e-mail or name, and just getting to know each and every one of them! A lot of work was put into the planning of Grassroots and to hear about how much fun everyone had made it all worth it. Charlie answered that his favorite moment was FORUM, which I have not been a part of yet but I am so excited for this year in Nashville, Tennessee! We hope to see everyone there celebrating New Year with us!

This likely won’t be our last webinar at NCARB. We hope that we have inspired you and your chapter to reach out to the National Office so we can hear directly from YOU! So if you have any suggestions on a good topic for a webinar send us an e-mail, tweet, post on Facebook, and let us know!

– Jessica Mason