May 8, 2024

With the world in its ever changing state, what does the future of design look like? Our future designers have accounted for the ongoing climate crisis in creating more sustainable spaces, the future of design in a post-pandemic world to promote health and safety, and how to solve challenges surrounding creating more empathetic, equitable and diverse environments. The Benjamin Moore: Future of Design Challenge called on students to start thinking about these factors and ultimately to determine what the future of design looks like in our commercial and residential spaces.

Thank you, Benjamin Moore, for sponsoring this innovative competition and for supporting the next generation of architects. A sincere thank you to every student who took the time to submit.

Congratulations to this year’s winners: Rebecca Hennings,Arjay Jimenez, David Locon, Henry Asare, and Matthew Rule! You can view their projects below.


1st Place: Rebecca Hennings - Montana State University

2nd Place: Arjay Jimenez, David Locon, Henry Asare - California College of the Arts

3rd Place: Matthew Rule - University of Kansas