November 17, 2020

If you missed out on the FORUM: Palimpsest early bird deadline – we have amazing news for you! The Midwest Quad Conference Planning Team is proud to announce the launch of the 2020 FORUM Scholarship ApplicationWe were so empowered by the enthusiasm and passion of our attendees, and we want to ensure that AIAS conferences are as accessible as possible for students during this pandemic. We have decided to donate our profits to a number of AIAS causes, including sponsoring ten students to receive scholarship for FREE registration for FORUM | Chicago! 

This scholarship is intended to provide AIAS students the opportunity to expand their passions within the AIAS at the largest conference of the year – FORUM!  Even in a virtual setting, seeing all of our peers at the Midwest Quad Conference last month was incredibly inspiring, so we want to keep that momentum going and see as many of you at FORUM as possible! The application process involves submitting basic information and answering a few questions, after which, selected applicants will be contacted to be registered. Applicants will be selected anonymously based on enthusiastic Chapter involvement, and embodiment of the AIAS mission. Questions about the scholarship can be emailed to Be sure to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to attend Forum Palimpsest for free!

If you apply for this scholarship and are not selected, or are having trouble with funding for FORUM, talk to your Quad Director about fundraising for the conference! Your fellow chapters may also have great strategies for getting funds from your school, college, or a local firm. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this incredible conference!