October 13, 2017

The AIAS officially announces an open Call for Resolutions to the AIAS Council of Presidents. This call allows for chapter leaders to submit proposals for official revisions to the AIAS Bylaws, directives to the Board of Directors, or directives to the Council of Presidents. Submitted proposals will be published in advance of FORUM. Furthermore, proposed amendments to any proposed resolution may also be submitted in advance of FORUM. Discussion and voting on any proposed resolution and amendment will occur at the 2017 FORUM Texas Council of Presidents. For any items of importance beyond a resolution, a Town Hall will also be held to field questions and engage in more casual discussion. This is a new format to the Council of Presidents process to allow for earlier consideration of changes, encourage full chapter discussion in advance of FORUM, and enhance the on-site experience and execution of the Council of Presidents meeting. Additional information about the schedule and process are listed below:

November 8th (5 pm ET):

  • Deadline to propose a resolution

November 10th:                

  • Resolutions published on www.aias.org
  • Open call for amendments to resolutions

December 1st (5pm ET)   

  • Deadline to propose an amendment to a resolution

December 4th:                         

  • Amendments published on www.aias.org

Dec. 30th & Jan. 1st:            

  • Voting on resolutions and amendments
  • Town Hall

To submit a resolution or amendment, please draft up a proposal as a “motion” using Robert’s Rules of Order, provide background or rationale up to one paragraph in length, and email it to president@aias.org in advance of the deadlines above. Questions or concerns about a proposal can also be submitted to the same address.