October 26, 2017

What if we told you that YOU could be the next host for the AIAS web series, #Askanarchitect? Well, now is your opportunity! In 2018, we are passing over the mic to our membership and we want to hear from you. With students taking over #Askanarchitect, we believe that the interviews will provide more direct and relevant advice about career, licensure, and life.

We will be accepting a total of six new hosts for 2018 and each host will be required to submit two interviews with two different licensed architects. This is also an amazing opportunity for those who have an interest in communications, videography, and/or journalism.

Just think… If you are selected to host, you will have the opportunity to gain facetime with AIAS membership. Each episode will be posted to the website and promoted through the national social platforms. Not a bad way to diversify your resume!

Interested in submitting?

To apply, each potential host will be required to submit one 5-minute test interview proving their ability to be a host!  For this submission, we suggest that you ask someone that you already have an existing relationship with such as a current mentor or professor. Submissions are due Friday, December 15th. 



Filming Guidelines:

  • The video may be filmed with a phone, tablet, or GoPro.
  • Please do a sound check to ensure that the audio is clear
  • Film in landscape mode. Do not film in portrait/vertical
  • Carefully choose your background/frame
  • Check lighting and make sure the camera is in focus, try to stabilize the camera for smooth filming
  • Make sure you speak clearly. Rehearse what you are going to say before you say it! Speak at a reasonable pace
  • Have a professional appearance
  • Relax and Smile!

Tips from Nick Serfass:

  • Never forget your audience and relentlessly pursue value for them. Ask questions that deliver for your audience.
  • Always be thinking about how to riff off of your subject’s response. Don’t just interview according to a script. Constantly plan your next question.
  • Speak clearly. Articulate your words.
  • Maximize the power of facial expressions.
  • Minimize how much you interrupt the subject (I am terrible at this.)