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Early on August 15th Taliban fighters entered and took control of Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. The Afghan government has collapsed, and the ensuing chaos and violence has displaced thousands of people who are seeking safety and aid. Hundreds of thousands more are now making the decision to leave their home country rather than live under the rule of the Taliban, who were previously in power for five years of terror and violence from 1996-2001 (



On the morning of Saturday, August 14th, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti. The country is still recovering from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in 2010, and had been thrown into political strife following the assassination of their president on July 7th. At least 2,189 people were killed, with 12,200 more injured and more than 130,000 homes damaged or completely destroyed (


How you can help

The AIAS’s theme for this year is “Evolve”. We have dedicated ourselves to using what we have learned during dark and difficult times to make change within ourselves and our organization to enable us to make change in our world. This is where the lessons we have learned truly matter, and where we decide our priorities and our responsibilities. As citizens of this world we have a duty to give aid when we can to those who need it. As architecture students and future professionals it is our responsibility to give shelter to those without homes, to help find solutions to impossible questions, and to hold one another accountable for the change we make; through our decisions and actions we will make change, whether it be positive or negative. Below is a list of resources and donation centers to enable you to help Afghanistan and Haiti. We encourage our members and chapters to consider other ways in which you can help, and to send other resources to to be posted here.


Verify donor sites and aid organizations using Charity Navigator


Afghanistan | International Rescue Committee

“UNICEF is On the Ground in Afghanistan, Protecting Children and Women”

Twitter thread by @Bushra_Ebadi on actions you can take and avoid to help Afghan people


“Haiti Earthquake 2021: Where to Donate” by The Strategist

Hope For Haiti, “Responding to the Major Earthquake in Southern Haiti”

Project HOPE, “Emergency Alert: Earthquake in Haiti